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Welcome to the Twisted Metal's Towing and Scrapyard. After seeing several different Scrapyards, Junkyards, Boneyards, etc...either go away or servers change hands and do a data dump, I decided to build one myself. I got tired of searching my parts supply and/or different sites for different parts for a specific project, so TaDa !! A One-Stop-Shop for parts and accessories. I hope that there is something here that you are looking for. This is just a beginning of something I plan on building continually. I am constantly contacting people and getting approval to post parts. If I don't have what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me. I will try and locate the part for you. Check back with me as often as you like. I plan on building this Scrapyard as large as humanly possible. I ask that you please be patient while searching, the graphics may take a little bit to load. I want to say Thanks to all the extremely talented BIN. Makers out there. Without you, this game would be dull. Please take time to read the Disclaimer section about this Web Site. I would also like to Thank Lord Cap for the use of his extrodinary flatbed to help me in my quest. Thank you for visiting TWISTED METAL !!!!

A place for updated information, questions and answers for MTM2.

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